Klima Law Group

Klima Law Group

  • Joe Alongi

    Joe Alongi


    July 16, 2022


Solution Theory

Real Estate legal services for residential & commercial properties. Real estate professionals and property owners look to Klima Law Group for important information and guidance about real estate practices.

Connecting the important practices of Klima Law Group along with other legal services, to showcase a uniform service that supports the various communities across Western New York. Impressing upon the idea of dedicated information sources, multiple paths to understanding, and confidence in communication to establish an open connection with legal services.

Process Outline

Protecting assets, property, and people with legal guidance should be approachable and comprehensive. Showcasing key areas of legal understanding and offering broad factual offerings to inform about the supportive nature of Klima Law Group.

Klima Law Group - Process Outline

Technology Stack

WordPress, JavaScript, and CSS create an accented gallery of individual services within a combined theme. Connected through WordPress post types that refine in an MVC format as the depth of clicks continues the user further into the information. Connecting services and information for a confident approach to a legal solution.

Klima Law Group - Technology Stack

Views and Models

Conditional steps towards information with top-level labels that lead to further comprehension and confidence inform the user on how they could find a solution. Articulated views of complex topics form a confident understanding of information and guide the user through a focused digital conversation.

Klima Law Group - Views and Models

Digital Dialogue

Establishing confidence in users to connect and reach out for legal services begins with presenting the options. Comprehension of services in lists with visuals, and enumerated models of information provides insight that can direct users to find the right path forward. Communicating statically expresses an interest in identifying topics for future conversation, separating those examples into chunks opens up that collaboration.

Klima Law Group - Digital Dialogue

Positioning information to enable correlation between services and user objectives enables a continuous iteration of unification with method and path forward. Identifying steps to begin, available solutions, and retaining legal support are part of experiencing the paths through this digital application.