• Joe Alongi

    Joe Alongi


    July 19, 2022


Solution Theory

Communicating product value to your audience can be a challenge, finding the proper fit and measuring success is the focus of new and old products. Positioning experiences to establish precedence in the mind of the user with highlights, overviews, and decisive choices.

Process Outline

Creating extensible combinations of approachable frameworks for replicating and establishing informative web experiences, applications, and landing pages supports open collaboration in development.

Purple - Process Outline

Technology Stack

HTML, Bootstrap, and JavaScript collaborate to create a fluid and mobile-responsive framework for building product pages that accent and highlight information. Built-in and optimized frontend style frameworks enhance the ability of JavaScript to create rapidly evolving frontend designs.

Purple - Technology Stack

Structured Enumeration

Focusing a structured framework over a dynamic iteration for blogging allows for the continuous creation of suppoorting content. Familiar and usable components, established within a structure that promotes agile and responsive development providing functionality.

Purple - Structured Enumeration

Bootstrap aligns well as a system, complementing custom CSS and JavaScript to create unique and formatted frontend systems for imploring advanced experiences within a custom framework. Advancing the structure of applications in a distinguished yet responsive manner supports conveying intricate messages through vivid channels.