React Social

React Social

  • Joe Alongi

    Joe Alongi


    August 21, 2022


Solution Theory

Social media has pushed the expansion of technology across boundaries. Reaching into the sphere of the evolving offering, React, MongoDB, and Vercel allow developers to build scaling solutions quickly and iteratively.

Expressing the ability to connect, establish, and deploy multi-page applications that can replicate social media features with ease. Enabling the ability of open-source and open technologies to build upon experiences and shape them into evolving digital worlds.

Process Outline

Researching and coordinating the development of modern technologies is a challenge that often requires documentation and reference. Building a product from the ground up means making decisions, implementing visual and architectural design, and connecting application interfaces to unite frameworks.

React Social - Process Outline

Technology Stack

React.js, Next.js, SASS, and MongoDB are performant and decisive technologies for building web applications at scale. Focused on simplified document-based data structures, and minified composable JavaScript these frameworks collaborate in efficient and structured ways.

Splitting data into documents, handling user authentication, and devising collections for aggregated queries focus on performance as the solution with composition. Components with spliced data and dedicated styling bundle and render quickly for a perfomant experience.

React Social - Technology Stack

Composable Datasets

Building collections of documents, related by distinct data allows for shaping small and large queries. Backed by performant rendering and efficient querying technologies via distributed databases in MongoDB.

Serving interface views from paralleled, data configurations enumerate the ability of collections and documents to be joined.

React Social - Composable Datasets

Enrichable Objects

Creating feeds with user-submitted content, and developing profiles with user-enhanced information provides content structuring that can create unique and dynamic views. Social graph structuring occurs simply as interactions between users and the platform and users unfold.

React Social - Enrichable Objects

Advancing technologies, open-source examples, and documentation continue to establish precedence for evolving technologies. Software application development with agile deployment across the cloud empowers individuals to create beyond today's imaginable experiences.