React Ventures

React Ventures

  • Joe Alongi

    Joe Alongi


    February 21, 2022


Solution Theory

Venture capital moves quickly, presentees need a way to mockup capital value in software application form. React Ventures makes quick work of defining features, benefits, contact points, and anything else required for the pitch.

Gaining capital should be the goal, positioning the product need only be the matter of filling in the blanks to highlight core features of the solution. Products are competitive, ideas are similar, but few take the extra step to deliver a touch-point that can be this performant and enduring.

Technology Stack

When new companies are looking for capital, they often have a great idea, with little guidance and funding to organize their concept into a structured ask. Minimalistic applications like React Ventures bring the latest in technology to well-thought-out concepts and binds them together.

React Ventures - Technology Stack

Process Outline

React.js and Next.js, a performant serverless frontend stack with an enumerating amount of features pre-built and simplified, without attachment of extensive framework or overhead that may be costly in computational expense.

The fluidity of both these frameworks creates a lightweight and synthesized solution for any founder to begin their global pursuit of venture capital.

React Ventures - Process Outline

Highlighted Featuresets

Next.js took the server-side by storm as the de facto host for edge computing of static applications. React Ventures provides solutions for showcasing continuously iterative page templates within the single-page application format.

React Ventures - Highlighted Featuresets

Continuous Advancement

All considerations together for common React prop settings, React Ventures explores class instantiation through mapped properties with class-based and function components. Experience with these JSON formats can allow for a quick turnaround to CSM inputs or simply setting the hard-coded values.

Find more on React Ventures on GitHub and NPM . Deploy a version to Vercel or another preferred serverless platform. Read more about React Ventures from the original blog post behind the technology decisions on Medium.